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Real Scandinavia by Einar H Bendigtsen [Download] [RRT2]

Author's Comments: This is my secound attempt to make scandinavia more realistic, and with more detajls. All major lakes,rivers and mountains are added. More than 250 towns and cityes are added. So, in this map it is a possiblity to have 9-31 oponents. The industri has been created allmost as it is in the real life.

The new issue in this version its the events. 321 events(happenings) has been added to the map. The map has been like a champaign. But it is 70% more happenings here than it is at the whole rr2cd. All the events has been created as a history book. All the seriouse things who happend between 1814-(1996)2014 has been added.And all effects has been changed after the happenings.Eks: A general strike-all and productions stops! The first and second war its added with a high detaji news from the wars. The map will not be easy to win, and that was my ability. You must learn about the history, and manage your companyes visely. Not make the same mistake as many seriouse peouple did throw the history.

The big challenge its to make a railroadtrack over the mountains in the southern part of Norway, as it is in real life. Its many big mountains to cross, so its not gonna be easy. The real track goes from Oslo-Finse (highest station in the northern part of europe)-Bergen.
-Einar H Bendigtsen

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