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Switzerland Heart by Marco Stefanutti [Download] [TSC]

Goal: "...and the railway connected two worlds: the rough North and the attractive South, the hard German element and the soft Italian..."
Author's Comments: It represents Switzerland, and part of the neighbouring countries, that is Italy, Austria, Germany, France. There's also Liechtestein, of course.
There are 3 objectives to reach: they're not particularly difficult, since you've got a lot of time to complete them. The hardest work to do is to build railways that cross the Alps. In reality there are lots of long tunnels (for example Simplon tunnel is about 20 km long), but, you know, in Railroad Tycoon II you can't build them... so, be patient and find the best ways to cross the Alps!
Hint: don't worry if in the beginning the objectives seem to be so far from completing. Build the necessary railway lines first with a single track; later you can improve the capacity with double track lines and try to smooth the higher grades in the mountains.
-Marco Stefanutti

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