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Hungary by Holger Juergenliemk [Download] [RRT2]

Goal: Das schöne Ungarnland mit seiner eigenständigen Kultur liegt ihnen 1846 zu Füssen, denn hier fehlt es an Fortschritt und Wohlstand für die Masse der Bewohner. Nur ein paar ganz reiche Adelige sahnen kräftig ab.
Author's Comments: Feel free to build a railroad network in the beautiful Hungarian country. It is an open end game with historic informations. Notice, that a lot of cities has old names (very different from modern names). This names stem from old maps of 1850/1910 and from the Ungarische Ethnographische Gesellschaft, Budapest, 1997. I have the position of the industries from different publications and from my own notice. The Newsletters are in German language. It is important to know, that millions of Germans lived in this country since 1.200 years. A lot of cities are founded by Bavarians in this early times; like …denburg, Steinamanger, FŸnfkirchen (in 796), GŸns, Wei§brunn, etc. The old Roman province Pannonia was a part of Bavaria (the Grenzmark), before the Hungarian Warriors arrived in Central Europe and attacked the German Empire. Today, Pannonia is a part of Hungaria.
A lot of Germans emigrated to Hungaria after the Turks lost this country (over 270 years the Hungarians must fight again or live with the Turkish invaders), because millions of Hungarians are dead after this long war. Most villages are destroyed and there wasn't enough work force to rebuild the country. A lot of villages (like the village Kštsching in 1730 near the Lake Plattensee) are founded by German settlers from Hessen.
Today, the most Germans in Hungary can not any longer speak German, because on the end of the 19. century and during the communism, the state repressed the language minorities (Czechs, Croatians and others too). However till this day in all towns and villages (Hungarian name ãPusztaÒ) you will find people with German surnames. It is interesting to know, that the first and the last Hungarian Queen was a Bavarian princess.
Like in all my maps, industries and woods are on the right place. Surely, not all industries worked on the same times but I mean, that is no problem for a game!
-Holger Juergenliemk

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