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Falkland Islands by Bernard Guillard-Saumar [Download] [RRT2]

Author's Comments: I have found a Falkland Islands map on the Net. I have put levels of grey according to the altitudes then made a .PCX file before to import it inside the map editor and adapt it by hand to be more realistic and enhanced. During 1982 War on Port-Stanley, I hear BBC radio to know more about this war, because in France where I lived, media TV were not so developed like today.
Major ports will send wool and farmers have sheeps and cows. When the territory will be kept by Argentina on 1982 April 2nd, each player will pay $1,000,000 to survive. This money will be back plus 50% after date June 15th when UK troopers will win the Port-Stanley battle.
In 1995, the announcement of oil fields discovered north of Falkland Islands area has been done. Reality or virtuality? In my game, the reality has been chosen and oil production will increase.
-Bernard Guillard-Saumar

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