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Alt Baden by Erwin Hiesl [Download] [RRT2]

Goal: In 1830, the German States are not yet united. Starting in Karlsruhe, the Capital of Baden, you need to help this country get along and bring 'em Wealth and Unity.
Author's Comments: Starting Year: 1830
Start Range: fix
Map Size: 400-300
Map Base: handmade
Map Restrictions: Can't start companies, Cant start multiple companies
Special Restrictions: You should play on experienced level
Territories: Yes, 8 territories + 2 cities.
Barred Industry: Coffee, Aluminium
Player Pool: Europe
Manager Pool: All
Locomotive Pool: Custom

Single Player: Scenario
Computer Players: 3
SP Gold Win: All of Silver plus connection to all territories plus haul 50 loads to France
SP Silver Win: All of Bronze plus 50 Mio $ Company Net worth
SP Bronze Win: 30 Mio $ Personal Worth before 1870
SP Loss: Don't complete bronze requirements by Jan. 1870
-Erwin Hiesl

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