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Jamaica by Tepeyollotl [Download] [RRT2]

Goal: Jamaica, the pearl of the Caribbean.
Author's Comments: This one is from an image. After a painful cleaning of the un-usable details such as gas stations, it was resampled. blurred and converted to gray-scale in Adobe Photoshop 5.
This is a beta version. Events were added in haste - any tips on the use of event editor would be appreciated. It contains about 40 to 45 towns and bigger villages, and all remarkable physical features of Jamaica, such as The Cockpit Country, Blue Mountains, Black River, etc.
PS: Many thanks to Mark (102214.1766@compuserve.com) and jonpecha@hotmail.com Their maps of Madagascar and Cuba inspired me to create this map. Also, I've used Mark's read-me as a template.

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