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Steam in England by CeeBee [Download] [TSC]

Goal: Steam rules in England till after the war. Can you make it work?
Author's Comments: This is a reworked map of England that was included on the TSC cd. I've changed it so that only steam locomotives are available till the end of WW2. I found that due to the high cost of late era steam engines and the associated high cost of maintenance and fuel as well as unreliability issues I avoided the use of many of these engines when playing any map in this time period. This map will force you to use steam till 1946. I tweaked many of the costs associated with steam, but in 1946 you will still be required to make a critical decision- stay with steam or electrify. I've also modified the goals slightly and made other minor changes. I hope you find this an enjoyable scenerio. I would like to thank DickK, JSS and Steve for testing this scenerio and for their comments and suggestions.

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