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America of the South by Mentxa [Download] [RRT2]

Author's Comments: They have been modified some courses of the rivers to adjust them to the reality, especially the existing in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. They have been drawn some but. Also it has been made what is own in the birth of the affluent of the Amazon as the Black river. Equally it has been made with the Orinoco. They have been put the names of the rivers, dams and lakes. The oceans, mountain chains and zones as The Pampas and Patagonia have already its name.
Taking as base the stage of South America that comes in the game have been adjusted the frontiers to the reality, especially in the conflicting zone between Mendoza (Argentina) and Santiago of Chile where was existing a territory of Brazil. What them was lacking to the two countries, centennially faced.
New cities have been included in this map.
Industry zones have been adjusted with sugar and but coffee in Brazil. Cattle and grain in the Pampas and Patagonia. Mineral in the north of Chile. Coal in Colombia. Oil in Ecuador. Wood in the Amazons.
They have been added two territories: Trinidad - Tobago and Grenada, though they are islands and for the game do not influence.
What but real of this stage are 55 news that they have been taken of the encyclopedias and happened and that nearly all have its influence on the economy of the game. Even the of the year 2.001, in which it will be my 50 anniversary, I hope that both events are fulfilled.

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