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SPQR by Steve Lorenz [Download] [RRT2]

Goal: Centurion. Expand our empire using this new iron chariot. Let all railroads lead to Rome.
Author's Comments: The Senate and People of Rome.
The ancient empires now have railroads.
How well do they do against one another.

You are a Centurion building your kings royal railroad.
You must make it the greatest railroad in the known world.
Personal wealth means nothing to you. The railroad comes first. (or does it?)
Computer player restricted from your home territory.

Multi-player. The order you start your company is the order that you are assigned a territory.
Goes in order: Rome, Carthage, Macedonia, Parthia, Egypt, Hispania. Computer player is restricted to its own territory for first 4 years then can go anywhere.
-Steve Lorenz

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