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Stampede by Robert Mueller [Download] [RRT2]

Goal: King Speedy hunts for "Alci" by the whole north Germany! A funny pursuit race full of eroticism and "bock-beer"
Author's Comments: This is a map and Scenario of north-Germany. It never takes up for himself, to be identical with the real north-Germany. It`s fictitious ! Quite the reverse: The map shows "mountains" and other "geological details" which would be "one-time" in the complete geological history (what a pity !) My "north-Germany" offers almost everything: Wood, cabbage, ore, oil, corn, ports (yes, it`s finally north-Germany and lies in the proximity of the North Sea), sheep .... and of course: beer! Now you will say: beer isn't offered or produced in RT2. That`s right! But what shall I do, the story deals with this good stuff! Well, regards every waggon as "beer-waggon", then it will work. Much more important are the many "small details". You already will see it, If you take the small details and primarily -the reports- into your account!
The story: Anno Domini 1830 "Speedy" ruled in north-Germany, peaceful and in harmony with the nature and his people. The people were so enthusiastic about this ruler that they lovingly mentioned him to "King Speedy". They baptized his capital "King Speedy Town". It seems, that there were nothing what could disturb the harmony in this empire, ever. Yes, if there not still also "Alci". A never-do-well and criminal. This "Alci" had day out and day in nothing else to do, as produce and distribut alcohol ( beer! -Therefore his name "Alci"- ). This turned out allright for decades. Nothing would have changed, haven't "Alci" made the mistake of his life. He crept into King-Speedys wonderland and founded next to Speedy┬┤s capital the metropolis "Alci-Town". Illicit distillers and breweries grew "in no time at all" like mushrooms in ALCI-Town. His idea was a "big north-German bock-beer-party". But King Speedy wasn't stupid (unfortunately, he also loved bock-beer about everything). He wanted to banish Alci from his empire. He knew about his large weakness. Alci was randy to win "gold medals". And so "the evil took his run..."
-Robert Mueller

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