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Ukraine by Holger Juergenliemk [Download] [RRT2]

Goal: Im Jahr 1921 hat die junge Sowjetunion grosse innen-politische Schwierigkeiten. Das Land ist unterentwickelt. Doch die reichen Bodensch├Ątze machen es leicht, grosse Industriegebiete aufzubauen.
Author's Comments: Feel free to build a railroad-system in East Poland, East Rumania and Ukraine. It is an open end game with no newspapers and no tasks. Notice, that a lot of cities has old names (different from modern names).

Like in all my maps, industries and woods are on the right place. Surely, not all industries worked on the same times Ð but I mean, that is no problem for a game!
-Holger Juergenliemk

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