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Badnerland by Thomas Pokorny [Download] [RRT2]

Goal: The industrialisation of Germany is starting slowly. You can feel it even in the far south in Golden Baden. The people want mobility and prosperity. Can you help to make poor Baden one of Germany's richest states?
Author's Comments: I live in Staufen and there I visit the local school. I made this map with the help of my memory, the school atlas and a touristic map. It took some time to create this, and this is my first scenario. So I hope there are not too many mistakes and that this scenario is fun.
-There are no instructions. Just have fun.
-Staufen has got a population about 9000.
-The size of the area is in reality about 35km x 35km
-France doesn't play any role. You even can't access it.
-This is no big map. Just the area I live in, but it was quite hard to create it.
-Thomas Pokorny

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