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Hell and High Water by David Masters [Download] [TSC]

Goal: The Geocore Power Plant has been sabotaged. The huge fissure is rapidly heating the atmosphere and melting the polar ice caps. Flooding is occurring and will continue if you don't help fast.
Author's Comments: In an interview in "Gaming World", Phil Steinmeyer of PopTop stated that one of their favorite single-player scenarios to play was "Hell and High Water"... yet that doesn't exist as a stand-alone, only as part of the TSC campaign. Maybe they've got it saved as a stand-alone over at PopTop, but it didn't come with the game, and it's not on the Web anywhere... so I decided to create it.
It's exactly the same as campaign #15 -- a terrorist group has blown up the GeoCore Plant near Madrid, and the volcanic gases leaking out of the fissure are causing massive flooding... you've got to deliver 60 loads of cement to Madrid to help seal the fissure.
The user choices in the campaign are set up at the beginning of each campaign part (the screen where you choose which campaign part you're going to do next, with the three choices at the bottom), but just aren't possible in a stand-alone scenario. So I've gone ahead and written them in using the possibilities of scenario events... make your choices well.
-David Masters

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