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East Frisia by Florian Sartorius [Download] [TSC]

Goal: East-Frisia after the war. Run a narrow-gauge RR within difficult ecomomical conditions until 1980.
Author's Comments: A German agricultural province after the war, 1945. You are chairman of a small narrow-gauge railroad and have to run it until 1980.
The scenario is very authentic. For the first three years, business is easy because of many hungry people going from the cities to the black markets in the countryside. But after this, automobiles become more and more popular and affordable and passenger amounts drop.
In real life, the last east frisian RR was shut down in 1974. You have to make it till 1980!
The scenario takes care of the different gauges of the Deutsche Bundesbahn, which is also operating in this area, and your RR - it is called "jan-klein" i. e. "little john".
More information is at the start of the scenario.
-Florian Sartorius

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