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SPQR by Richard Lally [Download] [TSC]

Goal: Centurion. Expand our empire using this new iron chariot. Let all railroads lead to Rome.
Author's Comments: Adapted by Richard Lally from "SPQR_tsc.mp2" to take advantage of TSC features.

1) added Status information on all victory factors
2) added SP Briefing
3) simplified event triggers by utilising the additional features in TSC
4) added Barracks (after 1900) as troop movements would undoubtedly be a feature of a Roman Railroad
5) added Alcohol (for the troops!)
6) added Rubber because Tires and Autos cannot be made without them
7) changed rivers into sea at Gibralta, Sicily and Byzantium (because of the 'sea bridges' in TSC)
8) corrected some spellings e.g. "Gual"
-Richard Lally

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