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Lombardia by Marco Stefanutti [Download] [RRT2]

Goal: Lombardia is a region in the North of Italy. Connect Milano to the other cities and haul cargos to a great number of industries.
Author's Comments: The third map about Italian regions is ready now: it represents Lombardia, the most "european" region in Italy. Milano is a metropolis of about 2 million inhabitants and it is surrounded by many factories. There are lots of railways in Lombardia. I have placed the most important cities, towns and other villages where there are important railway junctions. As in Veneto & Trentino-Alto Adige map there's no scenario in this map: you may play starting in the year you want, with the number of competitors you desire, with RT2 classic or with the new engines and the new game strategies of TSC...
-Marco Stefanutti

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