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Piemonte and Valle d'Aosta by Marco Stefanutti [Download] [RRT2]

Goal: Piemonte & Vall d'Aosta are two regions in the North-West of Italy. Connect Torino to the other chief towns and have fun hauling the autos of Fiat factories and the grape of Monferrato's vineyards.
Author's Comments: The fourth map about Italian regions is ready now: it represents Piemonte and Valle d'Aosta, two regions in the North-West of Italy.
Piemonte is the region where the unification of Italy began in the second half of the last century; in the chief town, Torino, there are the famous factories of FIAT; in Vercelli's province there are lots of rice fields, while Monferrato hills are rich of vineyards.
Valle d'Aosta is a small montainous regions where people talk a dialect similar to French; it is famous for the presence of the highest mountain in Europe: Monte Bianco (almost 5000 meters high).
As in the other maps of Italian regions there's no scenario: you may play starting in the year you want, with the number of competitors you desire, with RT2 classic or with the new engines and the new game strategies of TSC...
-Marco Stefanutti

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