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Rheinland by Uli Radermacher [Download] [TSC]

Goal: Köln, Rheinland, Eifel und Bergisches Land. Bringen Sie kölsche Erzeugnisse ins Umland!
Author's Comments: The 'Rheinland' - Map is located around Cologne (Germany) and reflects no real geographical details because I could not get an elevation model or a greyscale map which represent this region. So I drew the hills having some looks at a normal map (and by remembering some of the geographical essentials - I spent most of my life in the 'Rheinland'). The scenario is based on one of the most famous products from Cologne - the beer called 'Koelsch' - and on a world-known car-producer, which has a factory in Cologne. I think it is quite easy to win gold - try it!
-Uli Radermacher

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