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Montenegro by Peter Connell [Download] [RRT2]

Goal: You have been contracted by the government of the new Montenegrin Empire to develop the empires railway system. Have fun!
Author's Comments: This was the first RRT2 map I made seriously. It was made using a topographic map. It covers Southern Montenegro only and parts of Croatia, Bosnia and Albania. I have never been to Montenegro but find the place incredibly interesting. The location of industries etc. may not be accurate. Ports import required goods only.

It is based on the establishment of a ficticous Montenegrin empire. If you are patriotic American you may wish to change the name of one of the criminals (and that is all I will say)

It was really made for me and features a hotel in Sveti Stefan where I want to stay and when you link up Sveti Stefan your trains speeds are upped 30%. Delete anything you don't like.
-Peter Connell

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