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State of So Paulo by Rodnei Pereira Coutinho [Download] [RRT2]

Goal: Pedro's II empire is reaching the end. The Republic of Brazil is to be proclaimed and the inhabitans from Sao Paulo will govern the country for several years. You have everything to turn the largest magnate of the industry.
Author's Comments: Clue: Acquires the fast access to the State of São Paulo after beginning a Company and begin the city of São Paulo.

Map of the State of São Paulo and some neighboring States - they are several cities, metropolises and megalopolises containing the whole real wealth of like them they are.
You have everything to be a railroad magnate, however, the goals here they are very difficult.
São Paulo also bill with all your history, governors, presidents of the Brazil, diseases, inventions, crises, etc...
-Rodnei Pereira Coutinho

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