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Darwin 1942 by Peter Bennet [Download] [TSC]

Goal: February, 1942: the japanese are approaching australia's northern shores.
Darwin needs reinforcement - can you revitalise and link 2 dilapidated narrow-gauge lines to get the goods across the continent?
Author's Comments: Starting date: fixed at February 1, 1942 (slow time)
Finish: February 28 (midnight), 1942

Map size: 230 x 490; one square = 6.4 km
Map base: scanned topographic map, traced contours in Photoshop
Territories: 22
Restrictions: no financial dealings apart from bond issue and company merger
Players/managers available: all

Single player game
Computer players: no
Gold: achieve 13 goals (of 13)
Silver: achieve 9 goals
Bronze: achieve 5 goals
Loss: <5 goals or debt at end
All within 28 days; company must be debt-free at end.

Multiplayer: no
Acknowledgments: Thanks to Mr Mathy, Gwizz and Darrick for constructive comments!
-Peter Bennet

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