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Tasmania by Cam Hills [Download] [TSC]

Goal: Tasmania - Australia's 'Apple Isle' is set to become a major supplier of food to the mainland's cities.
Author's Comments: Rail in Tasmania was somewhat confined to the northern townships for much of the latter part of the Nineteenth Century. Although the first lines were established over a decade earlier than this game's commencement, these early lines were generally very short and did not encompass the expansive network that the successful player must construct in this scenario. The names of the 'robbers' used in the scenario were largely sourced from Australian bushrangers in Tasmania whose time of notoriety was also some years earlier than this scenario's starting date of 1895 (apologies to the purists!). While fresh produce was a major business in Tasmania at the time, it was in fact wool that was the principal industry - as such, wool is included as an export commodity at ports.
- Cam Hills

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