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Lenin by Lars Maischak [Download] [TSC]

Goal: 1917. Europe is at war. In Russia, the regime of the Tsar is about to be overthrown.

Lenin, the leader of the Bolsheviki, is looking for a way to St. Petersburg from his Zurich exile.
Author's Comments: The human player's company owns one train, and no track. The only countries for which you will initially have train access rights are Switzerland and Germany. You start your train at Zurich. In order to get to St. Petersburg, you will have to meet various (historical or invented) persons in several European cities. They will provide you with help and information. Eventually, you will gain access to other countries, depending on whom you talked to and what route they recommended. Gold should be easily attainable with different strategies and routes.

There are gaps in the track between the Russian railway system and those of Germany and Austria. These gaps stand for the need to switch the equipment from standard- to broad gauge when traveling into Russia. In addition to that, the frontline between Russian and Axis forces in WW I interrupted the railway connections.
When you get nearer to that front, you will be granted the right to fill the gap by building the missing track, if you have talked to the right people along the way.

Be warned that some events offer choices that will lead you onto a wrong trace. You might even find yourself prematurely loosing the game. There are also some random events that might cost you the gold. I tried to build some features of a role-playing adventure into this scenario. Feel free to change events in the editor if you do not like that.
-Lars Maischak

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