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Italy and the Alps by Geoffrey & Steve Banks [Download] [TSC]

Goal: Establish Italian industry and deliver via the Alpine tunnels factories and the grape of Monferrato's vineyards.
Author's Comments: Northern Italy is the most industrialised and prosperous part of the country. This scenario covers the western half of this area and is almost completely ringed by mountain ranges of which the Alps dominate. The neighbouring countries are France and Switzerland with Germany beyond. Several rail tunnels were cut though the mountains to facilitate trade - Frejus, Simplon and Saint Gotthard. Since they were bored there has been a plethora of tunnel building for road traffic.

Agriculture varies a good deal and we have tried to be retain the flavour of the various regions.
Produce = fruit or grapes.
Distilleries = wine producers.
Mineral resources are rare or were worked out so you will have to establish trade routes. Many Italian industries appear by name, some well known like Fiat and Pirelli, others less well known but no less important.
-Geoffrey & Steve Banks

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