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Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway v2 by Geoffrey & Steve Banks [Download] [TSC]

Goal: The Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway had its roots in the Manchester area and South Yorkshire.
It also part-owned the Cheshire Lines Committee (CLC). From these foundations you will have to build a trans-Pennine route over Woodhead and expand East and West.

As the 20th century approached the MSLR had eyes on an Extension to London and changed its name to the Great Central Railway. All this of course is in the future, and you are in charge.
Author's Comments: This scenario embraces events from half a century that have been fitted into a more playable 20-25 years (depending on how good you are!). The MSLR arose from separate roots on both sides of the Pennines that were connected by a line over Woodhead. The gradients were quite stiff and a difficult tunnel had to be cut through the highest ground between Woodhead and Dunford Bridge. This has been simplified.

As the company developed in E-W directions it acquired a one-third share in the Cheshire Lines Committee, a railway that operated in Cheshire and Lancashire. A new direct line between Liverpool and Manchester was one of its developments. Most major cities had more than one station and the MSLR & CLC operated out of Manchester London Road (nowadays called Manchester Picadilly) and Manchester Central (hint!).

Eventually the MSLR decided to expand southwards via the London Extension. That was opened in 1899 and only the early stages fall in the scope of this scenario. When connection with the Capital was imminent the MSLR changed its name to the Great Central Railway.

-v.2 LYR Pennine towns barred.
-Geoffrey & Steve Banks

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