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Midland Railway, 1844 by Blowfish [Download] [TSC]

Goal: George Hudsons Midland Railway, 1844. Build your web and see what you catch.
Author's Comments: George Hudson created the Midland Railway in 1844, and through his financial shenanigans with railway stocks, became known as the Railway King.

His reign was brief: after his accounting practices were exposed in 1849, he was ousted from control of the empire he had created. But the Midland went on to become one of the great railways of Britain. This scenario is (loosely) modelled on those times.

The idea is to expand your company, by takeovers and share dealings; or you can do it by building your own track, and competing with the other lines.

Your task is to get the Midland into the big cities of England: Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bristol, and Lancaster (representing Scotland & the North). You can build, or you can wheel & deal: it's up to you. Have fun!

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