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Poland 1945 v2 by Geoffrey and Steve Banks [Download] [TSC]

Goal: Rebirth after the second world war - from devastation to the most successful country in the Communist Block.
Author's Comments: This is a large scenario (500x472) as befits a relatively large and complex country and we've done our best to reproduce it as well as possible.

The country divides naturally into several bands. The northernmost one with its many post-glacial lakes is the least developed. By contrast, the band below is highly developed agriculturally (most farming is mixed with some regional variations). Further south lie substantial mineral deposits with the largest coalfield in Europe and much industrialisation. Beyond that are the Carpathian Mountains of which the Tatra are best known.

When Poland gained independence in 1918 the railway system was rebuilt and several trunk lines were established, notably between the Silesian coalfield and the northern ports; and between Warsaw and the cities of Krakow and Poznan. After the devastation of World War II the system was rebuilt again. Now part of the Communist Block, much traffic was long distance. Your objective is to rebuild the system, establish some of these long distance routes, and serve the country at large.

The state railway is called the Polskie Koleye Panstwowe (Polish State Railways) or PKP for short. Because there were so many political changes during the 20th century we have tried to use the Polish names and spelling as they were at the time. Bear in mind that after WWII areas to the West were taken from Germany, while areas to the East were taken by Russia as part of what became the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

The Communist economy was controlled centrally so you won't find the exagerated boom and bust cycles of many Capitalist economies. Nor will you have any competitors, you will be in charge of a state monopoly. On the other hand, you won't be able to sell shares or raise money through bonds - you will have to fund the railway through revenue and bonuses when you meet government quotas. Yes, the Communist state was very keen on quotas!

-v.2 Disappearing Auto Plant bug fixed.
-Geoffrey and Steve Banks

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