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Woodstock by Geoffrey & Steve Banks [Download] [RRT2]

Goal: Woodstock - a growing economy and tourist haven for music lovers.
Author's Comments: The location is fictitious with place names from the music industry, hence the title. There is, however, a geographic realism, which means the landforms and a regional distribution of industries. The basic premise is an expanding - and competitive – economy, against which several tourist routes have to be established.
This is a challenging scenario and in essence you must:
- Establish five specified routes (and run trains over them).
- Against at least four competitors.
- As the game proceeds you will be offered a contract for a further route with investment opportunities around a new industry.
- Naturally you will have to make a personal fortune as well.

Track-laying is not connected which means that you can develop your empire in separate areas and merge/amalgamate as you proceed. (This is how many railways developed in the early days). The playing period is 1930-60 which covers the transition from steam to electric traction. Yes, it’s another set of choices for you to deal with!

This scenario can be played at any level but for the maximum challenge we recommend Expert level.

NB: Hill farming provides wool and mutton/lamb, hence sheep and cattle farms.
-Geoffrey & Steve Banks

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