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France 1830 by Daniele and Andrea [Download] [RRT2]

Goal: France, 1830, the French rails are in your hand. Your mission is to create the national network, connecting the Mediterranean coast to the industrial north... From Marseille to Koln.
Author's Comments: To make this Scenario we took a long time, as we wanted to create a whole new France, different from the map you find in the game. Initially we got the map from an Encyclopedia, then we transformed it into a grey scale image, with 5 tones of grey; Spain, Italy and Germany weren't on the map, so we had to invent them by getting the indications from an atlas. We also tried to follow the real geographic features and the distribution of the resources. There are the industrial area of the Rühr, the farm area in the Vallée de la Loire, the woods are in the Alpes and in the Pirenées and the mines are in the Massif Central and in the Rühr.
The scenario has also some elements of real history: the "Carlist" war in the Spanish Peninsula will forbid building in Spain for six years; the 1948 revolution will create problems in the goodwill rate and so on.
There are also some easter eggs, but we are not going to tell you. You surely are clever enough to find them in the editor...
-Daniele and Andrea

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