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Rumania by Holger Juergenliemk [Download] [RRT2]

Goal: Rumänien - kein armes Land an Bodenschätzen und dennoch eines der ärmsten Europas. Eine menschenverachtende politische Führung, Korruption und brutalste Polizeimassnahmen haben ganze Arbeit geleistet.
Author's Comments: Feel free to build a railroad-system in Rumania. It is an open end game with historic informations. Notice, that the most cities has old names (very different from modern names). The Newsletters are in German/English language (mixed).

Like in all my maps, industries and woods are on the right place. Surely, not all industries worked on the same times but I mean, that is no problem for a game!
-Holger Juergenliemk

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