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North Queensland by Michael Chinn [Download] [RRT2]

Goal: Far North Queensland has a diverse landscape. From Bauxite around Weipa, the Rainforests of the Daintree, the Sugar Plantations of the coast and the Mines of Mount Isa offer a variety of options to explore.
Author's Comments: This is my first attempt at using the RRT2 editor. At first all I wanted to do was experiment but it ended up being a complete MAP. I actually learnt quite a bit about Queensland's history in planning the map. (like the fact that there was once a plan to form 3 separate states before the turn of the century.)
The scenario is based on the area immediately to the north of Townsville <-> Mt Isa (also known as the Great Northern Line) I have never been north of Rockhampton so I cannot be certain of many of the landscape details.
Much of the landscape is a rough approximation from the 1 to 1 million Topographic series & some 1960's vegetation maps.
-Michael Chinn

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