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Styria 1840 by John Schwarz [Download] [TSC]

Goal: The challenges were many during the early years of railroading in Austria. The Alps are not the only barrier in your quest to be a Railroad Tycoon.
Author's Comments: The main goals of the map are listed below. There are in excess of 50 different groupings of events with most of them several levels deep offering a smorgasbord of different tasks and requirements.

Provide the "Sudbahn" connection between Wiener Neustadt and Marburg. Build a minimum amount of rail lines or invest in industry and fulfill a minimum hauling requirement.
Deal with the events surrounding the Revolution of 1848.
Keep the Monarchy and the Public happy.
Provide service to the logging/lumber, iron/metal and coal industries.
Try to connect to all the other Provinces and deliver the required loads.
Have no company debt and have the highest PNW.

The map in general, deals with the early development of railroads in Styria which was part of the former Austrian Monarchy. An effort was made to accurately portray the period’s historic and turbulent events into this map’s game play however, the city names, provinces and most borders are represented as they are presently.

Even though this map is playable for players of all levels of playing experience, it is recommended for experienced players. It is also suggested that for more stimulating game play, to select all eight computer players and to select the expert level. This map will keep a player busy and one should be prepared for many hours of eventful game play. The player will experience many decision making events. Not all choices offered are necessary helpful and some will even ensure an early game exit. Therefore, one needs to be focused on ruthlessly following the overall map goals and balancing it with fostering good relations with the Monarchy and the public. With the multitude of concurrent tasks a players task managing skills will also be challenged and to make notes while playing might be very helpful.
The laying of track for most connections is fairly easy following the valleys through the mostly mountainous region. However, route finding might be more of an challenge due to the heavily wooded areas.

Map name: Styria1840 V4.00
Map type: TSC/Gold
Map size: 500x350
Additional players: 8 (minimum 6)
Game difficulty: For experienced players.
Map era: 1840 - 1860
Map location: Central Europe
Earliest Gold finish: 1847 by Steven M.
Map restrictions: No setting of the throttle, starting a new company or multiple companies and no customs at borders.
Comments: Additional notes for map and historical references included in download. Map will take about 4 min. to open for play. (AMD K6-2 233Mhz 64Mb RAM)
-John Schwarz

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