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France 1916 by Craig Murray [Download] [RRT2]

Goal: WWI has stalemated. Help France to win the war and then quickly rebuild the nation... who knows if Germany will become an ally or an enemy in the future?
Author's Comments: The premise is that the human player will manage the French national railroad with the objective of preserving the state. Personal wealth is not a factor. The scenario begins halfway through World War I.
I've tried to inject a sense of history into this scenario. Players can predict most major events (Armistice, Great Depression, rise of Nazi Germany, etc.) but they might not realize the impact of some of history's footnotes. I've also taken some liberty with the scope. French railroads probably wouldn't have single-handedly beaten Germany in 1940, but I think it gives a greater sense of purpose.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This scenario must be played using the full financial model.
-Craig Murray

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