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Weidenthal County by Lars Maischak [Download]

Goal: Weidenthal County, located in mountainous central Germany, hopes to benefit from the post-war boom that has gripped the country.

The bankruptcy of the old narrow-gauge railroad from Neustadt to Niederlungern in 1950 has left Weidenthal without rails. Now, the county council hopes that you can build a new line in standard gauge.

The county's economy could use some modernization, too --– the traditional toy-makers of the area have to make the transition to plastics to stay in business.

Bronze: Connect Weidenthal to Neustadt-on-the-Bäke and Niederlungern.
Silver: In addition, haul 40 loads of toys (anywhere).
Gold: In addition, haul 10 loads of goods to Neustadt-on-the-Bäke, and reach a book value of 16.000.000$.

You have 25 years. Good luck!

-Your company is fully owned by the county. Thus, the stock market plays no role.
-As a civil servant in the employ of the county, you enjoy tenure. Ignore the investors, since no one can fire you.
-You can neither build nor buy industries.

-Neustadt and Niederlungern are transfer points with Federal Railway lines. The warehouses represent the exchange traffic. Offer your own line for through traffic to win the Gold!
-Weidenthal is located in the approach to a major international airport, as you will no doubt notice soon.
-Honor and valuable prices await the winner
Author's Comments: In post-war Western Germany, re-connect the small town of Weidenthal to the national rail network, and jump-start the county's economy!
-Lars Maischak

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