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Goal: We have twenty one years to rebuild our countries decrepit railways and make our sugar industry prosperous once more. Comrade Mao I ask you, in fraternal friendship, to aid the great Cuban revolution to the best of your abilities. By the end of 1980 we must connect every city and earn an industrial revenue of $10million.

This will earn you a Gold Medal and the grateful thanks of the people of Cuba. Failure will, as you would expect, get you nothing. You must also commence building from our Havana rail, and cannot build any discontinuous track. Oh, and one other little thing. We cannot afford electricity so it's steam or diesel only I'm afraid.
Author's Comments: Fidel has taken Cuba over removing Batista and the Yanqui capitalists and their vice empire. Now he is calling on Chairman Mao to help in rebuilding the railroads and sugar industry.

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