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Ontario Northland by Ted Kocyla [Download]

Goal: In 1900, the area between Lake Nipissing and James Bay was largely uninhabited and unexploited. Then in 1902, the Temiskaming & Northern Ontario Rly was built to link the Lake Temiskaming area with North Bay.

Though it struggled for the first few decades, the T&NO continued to build north and eventually reached the Arctic tidewater at Moosonee in 1932.

As it blasted its route through the Canadian Shield, the railway uncovered vast deposits of copper, nickel, iron, cobalt, and precious metals. It also made it possible to exploit the vast timber resources of the area.

Renamed to the Ontario Northland Railway in 1946, the line evolved into a profitable and modern transportation system.

Can you take on the Ontario Northland in its early years, make it profitable, and help develop Ontario's Northern frontier?
-Ted Kocyla

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