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War Profiteers by nedfumpkin [Download]

Goal: This scenario is premised on the concept that wars need cargo and troops moved, while at the same time those who supply services to the military make considerable profits.

During the Second World War, Canada supplied Britain with a lot of materiel so this map is premised on that concept. You begin by buying cheap stock and taking over a railroad. It has a line running from Montreal to Ottawa, a maintenace facility and a water tower. You will have to by an engine. You will have $300k to get things going.

You only start out with 500 peices of track. You will need to haul lumber and steel to buy get new track. Industies have been placed on this map and are an accurate representation of the industries in those areas. For example, the auto plants at oakville, oshawa, windsor, and Ste. Therese have real life counter parts. So too do 99% of the other industries. In some cases modifications were made for game play, ie. Hagersville (near Niagara Falls) has a tire dump and in its place is a tire factory. Barracks have been placed only where major armouries or bases existed at the time the map started.

The map should be a reasonable challenge, and it should provide the player with some different options for game play. Watch out for the stock market crash in 29.

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