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Sid is Back? @ 2006 03 16 09:03:11 (comments)
Is he back to show Pop Top where they went wrong? :)

Sid Meier's Railroads!
Server Move Complete @ 2005 02 16 10:02:28 (comments)
Ok the server move should be complete. All we are waiting on is for the DNS to point to the new server.

Please let me know of any problems you may experience.
Server Move @ 2005 02 15 10:02:49 (comments)
Just a quick note that we will be moving to a new server shortly. This should improve the speed issues we've been having lately. More details as we get closer to the move.
News! @ 2004 09 21 09:09:30 (comments)
As some of you may have already noticed I uploaded a bunch of maps today that I have been meaning to get posted for a while now. Check them out and let me know if I have missed any.

Also if you didn't know already PopTop released a free expansion for the game so be sure to head over to their site and download it if you haven't done so already.
Beta Version of 1.04 Patch @ 2004 05 08 07:05:48 (comments)
Gwizz has passed along a beta version of the 1.04 patch he received from PopTop. Keep in mind this is still *beta* so use at your own risk. I've posted the changelog below:

Version 1.04 Changes

1. Fixed issue with game speed getting stuck when using the +/- hotkeys.
2. Fixed an issue that could cause crashes, especially in modern-era games.
3. Support for loading and saving in multiplayer.  Note, this support is in 'beta' state right now.  It is still being fully tested on PopTop's end and we don't guarantee that it will work for everyone.

Single Player Bug Fixes:
4. Fixed a bug that could prevent the game from launching successfully with certain NVidia cards using the 5x series drivers. Fixed a couple more places where it was possible to branch off the tutorial or otherwise take actions that prevented completing the tutorial.
5. Fixed a bug whereby a liquidated company could still show up in the 'Attempt Merger' list even after all of its assets had already been purchased.
6. Resolved a conflict between the 'Auto-Show Grades' option and the manual hot-key to show track grades (SHIFT+G).  Using one no longer overrides the setting of the other.
7. Fixed an exploit where you could use the PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN keys to change the affected company when changing dividends, issuing stock, etc.
8. Resolved problem where merging with a company with many outstanding bonds could cause some of those bonds to become un-repayable.
9. Recycling plants now properly produce up to 6 loads annually of recycled goods (from 12 loads of waste), and can be profitable if well supplied.

Single Player Balance and Gameplay Tweaking:
10. Placing stations and other buildings now causes much less disruption to the height of the existing landscape and track.  This should largely resolve the steep drop-offs that a new station could occasionally cause to existing track.
11. Post-offices, restaurants and other non-station buildings can no longer be placed on steep hillsides.  This helps reduce terrain disruption (supplementing the tweaks listed just above), and it makes it much harder to use post-offices to carve out routes through the mountains.
12. Decreased the profit penalty for changing a train's destination while it's carrying freight.

Single Player New Features:
13. Added better support for languages such as Chinese Polish, Hungarian, and Russian, so that they can use the same patch and EXE versions as other countries, without having any translated strings overwritten.
14. The night can now be made brighter than before – effectively the same brightness for ground and objects as daytime.  See the settings window, under 'Miscellaneous'.
15. The 'ching' sound that plays when trains arrive at a station can now be reduced or turned off completely.  See the settings window, under 'Miscellaneous'.

16. Fixed a bug in the display of events of temporary duration
17. Added the ability to change a scenario's briefing in the middle of the scenario (useful if the scenario goals change).  See the 'New Briefing Text' effect in the event effect list.
Server Move @ 2004 03 06 01:03:13 (comments)
We moved to a new, and much improved, server earlier in the week and there were a few glitches along the way. However we are back up and operational again. Please let me know if you run into any problems.
Patch 1.04 @ 2003 12 31 05:12:04 (comments)
Phil has mentioned in the Gathering's general forum that the 1.04 patch will address the disruption of elevations by placement of buildings in two ways.  Railroad type buildings [stations, etc.] will NOT disrupt the way they do at present] and other buildings [Post Offices, plants, hotels, etc.,] will not be permitted on 'steep' hillsides where they cause disruption.  How one defines 'steep' and what one does when building [in the Andies, for example] where everything is hillsides is not covered...  Anyway, they are working on the 1.04 patch.
V1.03 Patch Now Available @ 2003 12 17 03:12:49 (comments)
The 1.03 patch is now available. Just like the previous patch there are a large list of changes which I have updated in the post below. You can download the patch from 3D Gamers and its about 2MB in size.
RRT3 Patch v1.03 @ 2003 12 03 08:12:48 (comments)
Phil from Pop Top has posted a message over at the official forums about what the next patch will fix. Here is the list, subject to change of course.

Version 1.03 Changes

The 1.03 patch fixes bugs, adds a number of frequently requested interface features, and also has two major gameplay balance adjustments.  First, the A.I. is now much stronger.  Second, the amount of passengers and mail produced late in games has been significantly reduced.  The combination of these two changes results in many scenarios being somewhat harder to win.  There are also a number of smaller game balance tweaks.

1. You can now bulldoze in multiplayer games.
2. Cleaned up some out-of-synch issues.
3. Connection error reporting is now much more robust – it’ll be easier to tell why you can’t connect, if you’re having problems.

Single Player Bug Fixes:
4. Fixed a crash bug that could occur when cycling through stations in the Consist window for trains that used waypoints.
5. Fixed a crash that could occur while bulldozing track.
6. Fixed a crash bug that could occur, rarely, when cycling through trains using the next/previous buttons or the Page Up/Page Down keys.
7. Fixed a crash bug that could occur, very rarely, without direct player interaction (due to routing issues)
8. Fixed a bug where playing in Windows XP Limited User Mode could cause crashes.
9. Fixed a track-laying problem with electric, double-track bridges (and possibly others) that could cause crashes.
10. Fixed a ledger bug where using the industry list when you had a LOT of industries could cause crashes.
11. Fixed a ledger bug where clicking on a player in the player list could call up the wrong financial data for that player.
12. Fixed a problem with trains slowing down for no apparent reason, especially at single track-double track junctions.
13. Fixed a problem that sometimes occurred where certain sections of track would slow trains down considerably (note, trains still approach stations and service towers slowly – that’s intentional – this bug was different)
14. Fixed a bug where cities would be considered “Connected” when they only had a service tower or maintenance shed.

Single Player Balance and Gameplay Tweaking:
15. Reduced the amount of passengers and mail in the middle and later stages of a game (i.e. when the map is built up with lots of track) by 15-30%.
16. Decreased the effects of a locomotive’s Passenger Appeal rating from (worst to best) -15%, 0, +15%, +30% to -10%, 0, +10%, +20%.
17. Increased the effect that track curves have on train speed, especially for slower, earlier trains.
18. Decreased the momentum effect of trains, which means trains going uphill will lose speed faster, and steeper grades will generally affect trains more.
19. Bumped up the rate at which express and freight cargo profits decrease while on your trains by 15% and 10% respectively.  This penalizes slow deliveries more harshly than before.
20. To compensate for the above items which decrease revenue and/or train performance in specific ways, increased the overall revenue from train hauling by 6%.
21. Increased the cost of placing new factories (i.e. Steel Mill) by 10-15%.  Prices for purchasing existing factories are unchanged.  This will increase the incentive to purchase an existing, profitable building rather than always placing your own.
22. Increased the cost of the Post Office from $25K to $40K.
23. Mines and farms will hold a bit larger quantities of the cargo they produce in their ‘home square’, thus making it easier to capture it with a nearby station before it moves away.
24. If two factories demand the same resource cargo, and one is slightly closer to the source, it is now more likely that a small portion of resource cargo will reach even the factory that is farther away.
25. AI is better able to declare bankruptcy when it’s suitable.
26. AI can issue stock in its own company, as appropriate, when cash is needed.
27. AI companies liquidate faster in hopeless situations.
28. AI companies expand a little more readily at the beginning of the game.
29. AI trains are managed a bit better with respect to oil, sand and water.
30. AI buys more trains at start when initial 2 stations are far apart.
31. AI starts better in Go West! and Orient Express scenarios (a couple of the cities the AI normally uses in these scenarios were tweaked to be a bit larger.)
32. AI does a better job of upgrading to double track as needed.
33. AI will now build electric track in scenarios where all locomotives are electric (i.e. stand-alone France)

Single Player New Features:
34. You can now buy the assets (track and stations) of liquidated companies.  It works like attempting a merger with a non-liquidated company (uses the same interface), but there is a fixed, discounted price for the assets, and no shareholder vote is necessary.
35. Added ‘Color Adjustment’ option (in settings window, within ‘Miscellaneous’for color blind users to change the red/yellow/green color scheme used for overlays (the option is in the settings window, under ‘Miscellaneous’).
36. Added option to reduce or eliminate camera auto-centering when selecting trains and stations (the option is in the settings window, under ‘Camera Controls’)
37. Added ability to insert stops anywhere in a train’s route, by holding down <Shift> when clicking to add a stop.
38. Added support for double-byte versions of the game (i.e. Chinese, Japanese)
39. Improved performance when many (100+) trains running on complex routing networks.  Performance improvement is about 15-25% in the most severe cases.
40. Station detail – cargo price display (upper right) – Foreign stations are now shown dimmed so they’re easier to distinguish.  Also, fixed bug in sort order for express cargo.
41. Changed the background color and some of the foreground colors in several overview modes for greater visibility/clarity.

42. Chicago to New York  Repositioned Louisville so it is south of the Ohio river, as it should be.
43. France: Fixed French/German border for correct post-1945 positioning.
44. Germany: Fixed Austrian alliance event to properly give access rights to Austria.
45. Central Pacific (Campaign) : Removed ledger status information about track built that had been displaying incorrectly.

46. Fixed Special Condition ‘Disable Issuing and Buyback of stock’ so that the game correctly disables the buyback buttons when this condition is on.
47. Added Validation for Game Year/Month event condition to ensure that it is not used for annual events.
48. You can now import heightmaps at sizes up to 1024 x 1024 (previous cap was 768 x 768 for square maps). 
49. You can now remove access rights for a territory that a company already has access to, by selecting that territory in the company detail panel, territories tab, in the list box.
50. Fixed a bug when where adding a new event and then using the ‘Move Up’ button could cause some of the event data and text to be overwritten.
RRT3 Patch @ 2003 11 14 04:11:11 (comments)
PopTop has released patch v1.02 for RRT3 today. There are a lot of changes so be sure to download this if you are having problems, I've included the changes below:

Version 1.02 Changes

The 1.02 patch resolves a number of issues, especially in multi-player (some out-of-synch and crashing issues), as well as assorted single player issues (especially a crash-on-launch issue on certain Win 98 machines, and a stability issue seen on a small minority of computers – issues 1 and 2 in the Single Player/General section detailed below).

Note: Players with the 1.02 patch CAN NOT play Multiplayer games against players with 1.00 or 1.01 versions of the game.  The 1.02 patch greatly improves multiplayer stability and reduces out-of-synch issues, so we strongly encourage all multiplayer gamers to use this patch.
1.  Fixed some general Out-of-synch issues that, in the older version, decreased stability and caused other oddness (track not being in the same place on all player's PCs)
2.  Fixed a bug where the game would crash if the chat window was opened when another event window would appear.
3.  Fixed some cases where a player's game could crash if the host kicked that player out.
4.  Added new connect message alerting the player if they try to join a game that has already been started.
5.  Fixed a bug where the game might crash if a player tried to join a game just moments before the host started that game. In this situation the host might timeout waiting for the player to respond appearing as if the game has hung.
6.  Fixed a bug where hourglass mouse cursor would not appear when launching the game from Gamespy Arcade.

Single Player/General:
1.  Fixed a bug with certain Win 98 machines, where they would always lock-up on launching the game, because they were unable to read the intro movie from the CD - now that movie will not be shown if it failed the first time the game was launched..  (Note, copying all the movies in the CD's \movies directory to the \data\movies directory on your hard drive also resolves this, AND lets you see the movies, too)
2.  Frequent crashing work-around.  A new option has been provided, for users who can start the game, but experience frequent crashes, usually within 5-60 minutes of play or less.  In the settings window, graphics tab, check off the 'Disable Hardware T & L' option.  This should greatly improve stability on the small minority of machines with serious stability issues. Try it if you're crashing at very frequent intervals.
3.  Fixed a bug when creating a company with no name would crash the game.
4.  Fixed a lockup that could occur when bulldozing and replacing a bridge in some circumstances.
5.  Fixed a couple places where it was possible to branch off the tutorial or otherwise take actions that prevented completing the tutorial.
6.  Fixed a crash that could occur on the setup screen if you went to 'New Scenario', then 'Back', then into 'Load Scenario', without any scenarios available to load.
7.  Fixed a bug where the A.I. would sometimes lay incomplete routes to cities.
8.  Fixed a bug where re-routing a train back to the station it just came from could be used as a hack to make undeserved profits.
9.  Fixed a bug where incorrect amounts were being charged in some cases while upgrading bridges and tunnels.
10.  Fixed a bug on the station cargo to/from list, where sometimes the selected station showed up in it's own list of possible cargo destinations.
11.  Newspapers will no longer pop-up while you're in the middle of laying (mouse-dragging) track.
12.  Fixed a bug where creating wooden bridges (but not actually placing them) in limited track scenarios would cause the track count to drop.
13.  Bulldozed track now disappears from radar mini-map.
14.  Fixed problem accessing Weblinks from within game using Netscape.
15.  Fixed bug with 'Tree Density' slider in settings window not remembering it's position correctly.
16.  Fixed a bug where certain hotkey combinations would not be saved/reloaded correctly.
17.  Toned down the wind ambient noise at high altitudes.
18.  Improved performance of Ledger – Industries section when player owns many industries.

First 3 maps are campaign maps, last 5 are stand-alone scenarios
Note: All these fixes are incorporated within the patched program file (RT3.EXE) and applied to the maps when loaded – there's no need to download new map files.
1.  State of Germany: Fixed certain effects/bonuses that were reversed between Hannover and Bavaria choices
2.  Dutchlantis: Gold event will now fire off within one week of achieving it, rather than at end of year only.
3.  Britain: Connection condition will only trigger if your company achieves it not if A.I. company achieves it.
4.  Tex-Mex: Briefing in multiplayer listed incorrect scenario duration – the scenario lasts 20 years in multiplayer.
5.  New Beginnings: Win conditions will only trigger if your company achieves them, not if A.I. company achieves them.  Briefing clarifies that your company (not an A.I. company) must connect cities.
6.  Italy: You now continue to receive additional track allotments after the scenario ends, if you keep playing.
7.  Southeast US: Two rivers had been misnamed – fixed now.
8.  Southeast Australia: Fixed Steam marketing event so it concludes successfully.

1.  Fixed so it no longer crashes when loading very large heightmap TGAs.
2.  Fixed so that when loading a map in editor mode, game year is automatically set to year of scenario (useful for adding electric track to modern maps).
3.  Added a 'Set Cash' option when viewing company detail screens in editor mode, for easier setup of companies.
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