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Railroad Tycoon 2:

Railroad Tycoon 2 was PopTop Software's first game released in late 1998. It was followed by a add-on expansion called The Second Century that added a whole new aspect to the game. Shortly after the game was ported to MAC, Dreamcast, Playstation, and Linux platforms. The GOLD Edition combined both editions of the PC game into one box, you should be able to find it in stores or online. Below is a collection of information and screenshots on the game.

Maps Files - Map downloads made by fans PopTop.
Patches/Demos - Patches and Demos for the game.
Macintosh - Information on the Macintosh version.
The Second Century - The Second Century, an expansion to the original.
Features - Features found in the game.
Requirements - Requirements for the PC version.
Background - A background to the game and a history.
Reviews - Reviews of the PC game.
Interviews & Previews - Interviews and Previews for the game.
Cargo & Industry:
Cargo Types - Cargo types found in the game.
Industries - Industries available during the game.
Industry Model - An chart of the industry model.
Locomotives - Locomotives you will find in the game.
City Shots - Screenshots of various cities.
In-Game Shots - In-Game screenshots.
Map Shots - Zoomed out map shots.
Misc Shots - Other screenshots that don't fit elsewhere.
Cheats - Use these cheats wisely...
Hot Keys - Shortcut keys used during the game.

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