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This is a list of all known cheats, if you know one that is not included tell me.

Press F1, then $. OR $, $ , $ , $ - Money

For the following first hit TAB and enter the following into the text box:
Viagra - Your cities will grow faster
BigfootGold - You win Scenario Gold
BigfootSilver - You win Scenario Silver
BigfootBronze - You win Scenario Bronze
Bigfoot - Bypass Level?
BoBo - Lose Scenario
Cattle Futures - $1 million for player cash
King of the Hill - $100 million for player cash
Slush Fund - $1 million for company cash
Powerball - $100 million for company cash
Let me in - Full Access Rights
Speed Racer - Double Engine Speed
AMD103 - All trains are AMD103
Casey Jones - Causes all competitor's trains to crash
Show me the trains - All trains revealed
Overtime - Doubles Industrial Production / Output
The following are for the demo only:
[Ctrl] M - $1 million for Player and Company
[Ctrl] T - Game Tip Pop-Up
[Ctrl] C - Train Crashes
[Ctrl] B - Train Breaks Down
[Ctrl] R - Train is Robbed

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