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"Railroad Tycoon 2 has re-established my faith in the future of real-time strategy games" » e-Gamez (4/5)
"One of the few instances where the sequel outperforms the original. If you are even remotely interested in strategy games, you owe it to yourself to give this one a stab." » PC Gameworld (97%)
"With Railroad Tycoon II, all those dreams of childhood can be realized at last." » GameSpot (9.1)
"If you are looking for an RTS game with something really different, or if you have an interest in trains, you won't find a game more appealing than Railroad Tycoon II. It's definitely one of the best strategy games I've played this year." » Adrenaline Vault (4.5/5)
A mark of a really engaging game is when you realize it's 3:30 am and you can't figure out how the last 7 hours went by so fast. Railroad Tycoon II is like that. » Intelligamer (4.5/5)
"After playing [Railroad Tycoon II] for even a short time you come to realise that it oozes with atmosphere and detail that could only be accomplished by a team who had a real insight into the world in which the game is set." » PC News (89%)
"...Railroad Tycoon II is one of the deepest more satisfying strategy games I've played this year and is a more than worthy sequel to Sid Meier's classic." » IGN (89%)
"Players can expect to dominate the world by rail this November, when PopTop and Gathering of Developers' railroad Railroad Tycoon II into retail depots." » Gamecenter
"It has taken a while for Railroad Tycoon II to arrive in station, but it has been well worth the delays." » Happy Puppy (84%)
"...Railroad Tycoon II offers modern production quality and even manages to improve on the amazing gameplay of the original. So much for my weekends." » Digital Games

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