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"Railroad Tycoon II is truly a gem for Mac gaming this year. I look forward to the add-on pack, Second Century, and strongly recommend this deserving sequel to the gaming classic, Railroad Tycoon." » macreactor (4.5/5)
"As I looked at the screen shots of the PC version I quickly found myself taking an interest in the game and wanting to play with it so much, that when the Mac version came out I was the first person to run out and grab it, and I wasn't at all disappointed. This game is every bit as fun as the original, and every bit as addictive." » macgamer (80%)
"It's not for the gamer who spends hours in a darkened room playing quake: no one dies in it. Rather, it's the gaming equivalent of a cerebral crossword: fiendishly difficult, but an absorbing challenge." » MacGameGate (5/5)
"Clear your schedule and make tracks, because this game is one fun way to spend your day." » Inside MAC Games (8/10)


The Railroad Tycoon II Mac demo is now available. It lets you play all of the game features on two scenarios (Britain and Eastern US), and also lets you try out the editor (save is disabled in the editor). You can find it on the downloads page.

Railroad Tycoon 2: Mac is a port of the original RRT2 to the Macintosh. It was ported by Westlake Interactive a company known for its porting of games to the Mac. The game includes everything that was great about the original but with enhancements you can only find on the Mac.


Railroad Tycoon II is incredibly fun strategy/simulation that lets you build railroad empires from 1804 to the year 2000. 18 campaign scenarios are included along with 15 standalone maps (including three not included in the original PC version of RT2).


PowerPC 132mhz or greater
Mac OS 7.5.3 or later
800x600 (at least) capable video card and monitor
130MB free hard disk space

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