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Arabia Events by Aaron J.R. [Download] [TSC]

Goal: Choose sides and help tip the balance of power in the Middle East during its most volitile era. Politicians rule with an iron uzi.
Author's Comments: It's set up as a scenario, but I never completed it and have started to work on it again. I'm currently playtesting the map seed settings. I'm not a terrific artist, but I've tried to do as well as I could with terrain types, but I haven't added any trees yet. The scenario victory conditions aren't the final ones I'll be using, but I thought someone might like to play (edit) with the map itself. If anyone wants to put trees in, I'd appreciate being sent a copy of the result. I hope to have a full scenario built by the end of the month. If you or anyone has any questions, please drop me a line.
-Aaron J.R.

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