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The Philippines by Geoffrey & Steve Banks [Download] [TSC]

Goal: Your tasks will break new ground by establishing an integrated rail system and boosting exports. You have 25 years (end of 1974) to: - Connect all the major islands - export 100 loads each of Sugar, Rubber and Logs. - achieve $10m Industry Profits
Further tasks will develop during play. Achieve them all for the GOLD, one less for the SILVER, two less for the BRONZE.
Author's Comments: This land of a thousand islands and many volcanos is a complex area with different types of terrain, climate, agriculture & industry, the focus of which has changed several times over the years. The playing map is to the maximum size allowed by RT2 - if only it could be bigger! A few concessions have been made to maintain playability but we have tried to maintain the flavour of the country.

There are several centres of industry and commerce but agriculture and logging dominate. Coffee used to be exported until disease struck and though recovery eventually took place it is after the period of this scenario. Fishing is widespread but too many ports would have deluged the scenario so only the most important ones have been included for the international exports.

Copra is a major export and, to some degree, rubber (both = rubber).
Much rice and corn is grown (both = grain).
-Geoffrey & Steve Banks

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