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Java 1950 by Indra Krishnamurti [Download] [RRT2]

Goal: In the Independence era, the railways in Java were in a tattered state. They also lost much of the freight traffic, but conversely, they became even more important for passenger service as Java becomes urbanized.

Your duty is to restore the railways by hauling as many loads as possible.

Haul at least 100 loads in one year before 1975 to earn the bronze medal.

Haul 150 loads in one year before 1970 to earn the silver medal.

If you can haul 200 loads or more in one year before 1965, you will earn the gold medal.
Author's Comments: Usage/Distribution Restriction: None

Starting Year: 1950
Start Range: 1950
Map Size: 500*160
Map Base: Globe Project
Map Restrictions: Starting companies, starting multiple companies, getting fired as chairman, resigning, assuming chairmanship, personal stock market activities (selling/buying stock), issuing bonds.
Special Restrictions: No customs
Territories: 6, all allowed
Barred Industry: Aluminum Mill, Auto Plant, Bauxite Mine, Cannery, Coal Mine, Cotton Farm, Dairy Farm, Dairy Processor, Iron Ore Mine, Nuclear Plant, Produce Orchard, Rubber Farm, Sheep Farm, Steel Mill, Tire Factory, Textile Mill, Tool and Die Factory, Uranium Mine
Player Pool: Jawaharlal Nehru
Manager Pool: All
Locomotive Pool: Custom, certain locomotives allowed by events

Single Player: Rebuild the Javan railway system
Computer Players: None
SP Gold Win: 200 loads per year before 1965
SP Silver Win: 150 loads per year before 1970
SP Bronze Win: 100 loads per year before 1975
SP Loss: Don't complete bronze requirements by 1975.

See http://keretapi.tripod.com for history of Indonesian railways.
-Indra Krishnamurti

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