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Java 1870 by Indra Krishnamurti [Download] [RRT2]

Goal: While private railway and steam tram companies exploited the resource-rich Central and East Java regions, the state financed a strategic railway line from Buitenzorg to Soerabaja, connecting the most important cities of the colony.

You are expected to connect Batavia to Soerabaja by 1890 to win the bronze medal.

Build a connection to Merak and Banjoewangi by 1887 to win the silver medal.

Satisfy the above requirements and haul at least 100 loads in a single year by 1885 to win the gold medal.
Author's Comments: Usage/Distribution Restriction: None

Starting Year: 1870
Start Range: 1870
Map Size: 500*160
Map Base: Globe Project
Map Restrictions: Resigning, starting multiple companies, getting fired as chairman, unconnected to any track laying, short selling, buying on margin, issuing bonds.
Special Restrictions: No customs
Territories: 9 territories, all allowed
Barred Industry: All except Bakery, Coffee Farm, Grain Silo, Housing, Logging Camp, Lumber Mill, Oil Refinery, Oil Well, Paper Mill, Port, Produce Orchard and Sugar Farm
Player Pool: Custom
Manager Pool: All
Locomotive Pool: Custom

Single Player: Construct railway line between Batavia and Soerabaja via the southern route, and build branches to Merak (West Java) and Banjoewangi (East Java)
Computer Players: 2
SP Gold Win: Batavia, Soerabaja, Merak and Banjoewangi connected by 1885 and more than 100 loads hauled in one year.
SP Silver Win: Batavia, Soerabaja, Merak and Banjoewangi connected by 1887
SP Bronze Win: Batavia and Soerabaja connected by 1890
SP Loss: Don't complete bronze requirements by 1891.

See http://keretapi.tripod.com for history of Indonesian railways.
-Indra Krishnamurti

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