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Sumatra 1999 by Indra Krishnamurti [Download] [RRT2]

Goal: Unfortunately, political and economic conditions were not conducive, and the project was abandonded after only a few miles of track were laid.

What if things had turned out different? Can you connect the separate railway lines in Sumatra?

Connect Bandarlampung to Banda Aceh and deliver 12 loads by 2015 to win the bronze medal.

Do so by 2012 and deliver 16 loads to win the silver medal.

Complete the connection by 2010 and deliver 24 loads to win the gold medal.
Author's Comments: Usage/Distribution Restriction: None

Starting Year: 1999
Start Range: 1999
Map Size: 300*300
Map Base: Scratch
Map Restrictions: Resigning, starting multiple companies, getting fired as chairman, short selling, buying on margin, unconnected to any track laying
Special Restrictions: No customs at borders
Territories: 10 territories, 9 allowed
Player Pool: Custom
Manager Pool: All
Locomotive Pool: Custom

Single Player: Connect Bandarlampung in South Sumatra to Banda Aceh in Aceh
Computer Players: 0
SP Gold Win: Bandarlampung connected to Banda Aceh and 24 loads delivered by 2010
SP Silver Win: Bandarlampung connected to Banda Aceh and 16 loads delivered by 2012
SP Bronze Win: Bandarlampung connected to Banda Aceh and 12 loads delivered by 2015
SP Loss: Don't complete bronze requirements by 2015.

You start with practically no money and a $2,500,000 debt
-Indra Krishnamurti

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