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Warlord China by A. Baumler [Download] [RRT2]

Author's Comments: This should be fun. It is a bigish map with a lot of events, so it may run slow on some computers. It runs fine on my 350Mz K6. The geography is a little haphazard. The elevations were taken from a map at, GLOBE but the rest was done by hand. The dates for the events are also off on occasion, as I wanted to reduce CPU use by checking yearly rather than monthly. The war with Japan is not random, it starts when it did historically. If you don't remember when that was, you should have stayed awake in history class. My basic idea was that I wanted there to be plenty of money-making opportunities so that players would have the margin to deal with the many events. Not all of the events are bad, but this was not a period when it was easy to run a railroad. It should work well as a multi-player game, as there are several distinct regions where you can make money. I have had more trouble getting the computer-controlled railroads to be competitive, since I tend to be a cargo person and thus created a situation with lots of opportunities to run cargo and not as much passengers and mail.
-A. Baumler

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