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Antarctica Real by Jeff Pinard [Download] [RRT2]

Goal: This is an accurate map of Antarctica today. All towns and cities are based on actual research stations that currently reside there. To win, have personal net worth of $1 billion by 2020. Play on expert level.
Author's Comments: Here are 2 new maps I've put over 70 hours into. It's a painstakingly realistic representation of Antarctica. One is Antarctica:true-to-life, and the other, is a lush green representation (to have a lot more fun). The RR2 artificial intelligence is quite advanced, so different terrain types (snow vs. grass), will produce wildly different housing, industry, & resource densities. Check them both out and see. The only difference between the 2 maps is the presence of grass in one. The games end up being extremely different. You'll also find as you play some nice triggers I wrote, all very realistic, thus giving the maps good depth and variety.

Make sure you play on expert level, with advantages set to 0%. If you find it too easy/difficult, change the competition at the start of the game. There is a readme, in each text file, and when you launch the map, everything you need to know will be presented.

Please let me know what you think. I put an immense amount of time into these, and hopefully people will enjoy them.
-Jeff Pinard

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